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Learn more about the locations of the Andermatt Swiss Alps Classics Festival.
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The Chedi Andermatt hotel

143 beautiful lightings of pure glass as well as a 35 m long table bar welcome the guests with Asiatic warmth and architectonic generosity that is visible in the whole complex of this five-star-deluxe-hotel. You seem to be in Asia as you will be refreshed by the wonderful smell of tea and warm refreshing towels. Forget all the stress of the day and just relax.

This savoir vivre of The Chedi Andermatt is also perfectly visible in the mixture of materials of the region that expresses its tradition and nature. The star architect Jean-Michel Gathy (Denniston International Architects and Planners Ltd. situated in Kuala Lumpur) creates with its repetition of design elements of the interior an atmosphere full of affection, openness and intimateness.

Sasso San Gottardo

Once created to defend the country and TOP SECRET – today a unique location for excursions into the legendary heart of Switzerland. Inside of the caves of former fortress „Sasso da Pigna“ at the mystic Gotthard pass an inimitably museum opened its doors:

SASSO SAN GOTTARDO. The tunnelling system was created in 1943 and annulled as battle site in 1998. In 2001 outclassed and in 2012 established as today’s museum Sasso San Gottardo.

The exhibition contains the historic fortress of artillery and the crystal world where 18 million old mountain crystals may now be admired.

The mile long tunnelling system of Gotthard fortress offer place for encounter locations on high-class level, emphasised by its view to the beautiful mountains. In the crystal hall, our concert location, the biggest every found mountain crystal is exposed to the public in the middle of the hall.

Parish Church St. Peter & Paul

The charming catholic parish church St. Peter and Paul was constructed around 1602 by Bartholomäus Schmied von Hospental and inaugurated in 1607.

This church represents one of the most important houses of prayers of canton Uri. In the 17th and 18th century several reconstructions and enlargements had to be effected because of the increasing population. In the following centuries also several restoration works were made to maintain its construction.

From 1666 until 1729 Johann Ritz and his son Jodok von Selkingen (Wallis) created the gorgeous baroque high altar. Also the perfect acoustics of the church contributes to a memorable and sustaining concert experience.

Multi-purpose hall Andermatt

Anfahrtsplan & Parken Konzert Igor Levit

The Multi-purpose hall Andermatt is situated in the middle of military area, offers place for also sporting events as well as individual events with place for up to 700 guests.

For Andermatt Swiss Alps Classics the location will be modified to a concert hall offering the individual conditions for our impressive occasion – that of a high-class concert.

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